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Let Me Pick Your Brain

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Your delicious, delicious brain… no, actually, this isn’t a Alec-Baldwin-for-Hulu brain-eating request. I’m writing a piece for the magazine about the various ways to watch TV other than televisions + cable/satellite/antenna–e.g., on your computer, on iPods or similar devices, via iTunes, Hulu, DVD rental, cellphone, downloads via Xbox Live, etc.

We talk about this stuff often enough here, but I’m just curious: what non-TV means of watching TV do you use? And do you find there are certain types of shows you prefer to watch in different formats (i.e., do certain shows work better on the small screen than others, do certain show demand to be watched live)? And how, if at all, has using these other formats changed the TV-watching experience for you? 

If you have a minute to post, I’d be grateful. And I promise to leave some brain for you.