They Speak For Themselves

Spc. Robert Acosta — Photo: Nina Berman

A New York gallery, Jen Bekman, has a powerful summer show of photographs by Nina Berman of wounded Iraq War veterans. You can find images here, and more of them in Berman’s book Purple Hearts: Back From Iraq and on her website. Holland Cotter has a review in today’s New York Times.

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Tuned In Tuned In

Vacation Robo-Post: That Other Box

Doing last week’s post on Don Imus, I realized that there’s probably a big gap between me and a lot of readers out there: I hardly ever listen to the radio. Part of that’s my job: I focus so much on TV and there’s so much of it that radio’s just one of those things that’s fallen by the wayside. Part of it’s cultural: I live in New York …