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Vacation Robo-Post: That Other Box

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Doing last week’s post on Don Imus, I realized that there’s probably a big gap between me and a lot of readers out there: I hardly ever listen to the radio. Part of that’s my job: I focus so much on TV and there’s so much of it that radio’s just one of those things that’s fallen by the wayside. Part of it’s cultural: I live in New York City, so I don’t do much driving and don’t need to get a traffic report before my commute.

But honestly I doubt I’d listen to the radio much regardless: commercial radio’s become so boring that when I want music, it’s iTunes or Internet radio for me. (I do turn on a little NPR in the mornings, which I realize completely stereotypes me as a snooty urban elitist, but what can I say? I am what I am.) Satellite’s appealing in theory, but in practice I don’t need it and I’m cheap.

But clearly somebody out there listens to radio–are you one of them? And are you enjoying it?