Today’s Movie Trailer: The Hunger Games

Now that the Harry Potter series has been put to bed and the Twilight story is its in final stages, Hollywood needs a new franchise that can appeal to both children and adults. Place your bets, then, on The Hunger Games, the first movie of which will be released next March. Here is the film’s first full trailer. It stars Jennifer …

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Andy Rooney Dies at 92

Longtime CBS journalist and 60 Minutes essayist Andy Rooney died Friday night at age 92 of complications from minor surgery, CBS News announced Saturday morning. Just last month, Rooney announced, in the commentary above, that he …

Tuned In Tuned In

First Horse Out of the Gate: HBO to Sneak-Peek Luck Pilot

HBO has announced a premiere date, Jan. 29, for its David Milch / Michael Mann horseracing drama Luck. But should you care to lay odds on it early, the network will run a sneak preview of the pilot episode on Dec. 11, after the season finale of Boardwalk Empire. Then HBO will hold its horses, so to speak, for a month and a half, when it …

American Reunion, In Which Jason Biggs Replaces Pie With Sock

Y’know that guy you knew in high school, the one who gave you the nickname “Frog Guts” after you accidentally dropped a dissected animal in biology class, and who still calls you that 12 years after you graduated? He probably writes it on your Facebook wall and clicks “like” on his own post? You know who I’m talking about? …

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