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Breaking News! HBO Picks Up Sorkin’s Cable-News Series

While this may not count as the most stunning development in TV, HBO has made it official: it’s greenlighted a season of Aaron Sorkin‘s yet untitled drama set at a cable news network, starring Jeff Daniels as a talented but difficult high-profile anchor.

With little to go on but the premise and Sorkin’s history, I’m excited, and I’m nervous.

Tuned In Tuned In

Is Cable News Going to Get Sorkin-ized?

Keith Olbermann may be out of a job now, but there’s a possibility that he—or a fictional character bearing his likeness—may end up getting the Jedediah Josiah Bartlet, or Mark Zuckerberg, treatment on HBO. Aaron Sorkin, creator of The West Wing and likely soon-to-be Oscar nominee for writing The Social Network, has told the BBC that …