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Vacation Robo-Post: Mad Men Watch

All right, Not-TV Week’s over; back to the important stuff. Episode five of this season of Mad Men is the first one I didn’t get a screener of in advance, so I’ll have to catch up on it after vacation. But don’t let that stop you. Five installments in, how do you think this season is shaping up?

Mad Men Watch: Still on Vacation Edition

I’m on vacation even as I write this. The things I do for you people! I got episode 4 of Mad Men before leaving but didn’t have time to write a full-fledged Watch, so think of these as starting points, then fledge them yourselves:

* So after all the discussion of That Scene last week, we have Don shoving Betty in mid-argument. Does …

Mad Men Watch: Like a Fatherless Child


One of the most important and least-remarked-on transitions in life is the death of a parent. While it doesn’t get noted the way other developmental milestones do—puberty, graduation, parenthood, etc.—losing a parent is recognizing that you are ultimately responsible for yourself, and as much or more as those other landmarks, …

Mad Men Watch: A Man Out of Time

Losing his tight grip on the short hairs of the public imagination? / AMC

SPOILER ALERT: Before you read this post, finish your Valentine’s Day shopping and watch the season two premiere of Mad Men.

Because Mad Men‘s Matthew Weiner wrote for The Sopranos, the comparisons between the two shows tend to get overdone. But the opening …

Mad Men Watch: Love Child, Never Meant to Be

SPOILER ALERT: No reading this post until you’ve done an honest day’s work for it, you bum.

So who knew that Mad Men would also turn out to be Carnivale? I’m impressed that, within this already detailed period piece, there turns out to be another period piece (Don/Dick’s childhood in the Depression) that’s just as engrossing and …

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