Fired for Reporting the News About a Reporter

I knew that Tim Russert died before you probably did. So did not only (obviously) NBC News, but its competitor news channels, who agreed to withhold the news until Russert’s family had been notified and NBC reported it. (NBC didn’t, to my knowledge, ask Time or Tuned In to hold back, but by the time I finished my appreciation of Russert, …

Dead Tree Alert: The Beltway Vs. The Blogs

My latest Tuned In column in Time arose from some conversations I’d been having lately with colleagues about how much influence new media (blogs, online news, YouTube, etc.) is having in this year’s election coverage as opposed to old media (newspapers, TV news, Time magazine, etc.). This issue has come up in every election since there’s …

You Know You're a Wussy Press Corps When…

…the former White House Press Secretary says you were too easy on him.

The upcoming memoir from Scott McClellan is already getting heavy attention for its scathing criticism of a Bush administration that he says was deliberately deceptive and self-deceiving in—among other things—launching the war in Iraq and in mishandling …

Pro-Obama Bias Hurting Obama?

While we’re talking about MSNBC, at The New Republic, Obama supporter Isaac Chotiner argues that not only is MSNBC biased toward his candidate, but that that bias has actually harmed Obama:

…by mocking Clinton’s decision to stay in the race, Olbermann has only bolstered her argument that “the boys” are trying to push her out. And

MSNBC Holds Fire on Gun Ad

Ben Smith at Politico reports that MSNBC has decided not to run an ad from Mayors Against Illegal Guns, an organization advocating the closing of a “gun-show loophole” for the purchase of firearms. The reason, says an MSNBC spokesman: “We don’t accept controversial issue advertising.”

Even if we leave aside the politics of guns, and …

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