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More on Journalists and Voting

Last week I wrote a post on why journalists should disclose who they vote for in elections. As you might have guessed from the fact that almost no journalists do disclose who they vote for in elections, mine is still a minority view.

Such a minority view, in fact, that there’s still a debate raging (well, mildly raging) about whether …

The Morning After: iLection

CNN’s King lets his fingers do the wonking. / E.M. Pio-Roda ©2008 Cable News Network

The dust has cleared and the winner of last night’s Super Tuesday contest is becoming apparent: Steve Jobs. There may not have been actual Apple software or hardware on display (CNN had election analysts sitting at a bank of what were mostly Dell …

Pundit, Predict Thyself

It’s finally Super Tuesday, and the pundits are all abuzz about what the voters will decide to do. You’d expect that. But the pundits are also abuzz about what they will decide to do.

I saw an interesting exchange yesterday on MSNBC, among Dan Abrams, MSNBC political director Chuck Todd, and Newsweek’s Howard Fineman. The three were …

The Most Important Super Tuesday Interview That You Will Not Watch

Well, I shouldn’t assume, but this is an English-language blog. Sunday morning at 10, though, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will each make their case on what could be their most important Sunday-gab-show appearance before Super Tuesday—on Univision’s Al Punto. From the network’s release:

Univision’s Sunday morning discussion

Obama SwoonWatch

I admittedly have been watching a lot of non-news-related TV for work the past few days. But judging by the post-South Carolina, post-Kennedy-endorsement election coverage, it seems worth asking: is the political media in the midst of a post-Iowa-style Obama swoon again?

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