NBC Renews Subway; Also Chuck

I mentioned earlier that NBC had picked up Chuck for 13 episodes this season, but NBC just issued its official announcement, which is worth a separate post simply for the way NBC was able to keep the show around. It really was all about the sandwiches! (Well, that and slashing the show’s production budget. Update: Or not! On a conference …

McCain Tries to Britney-fy Obama

I haven’t been spending much time picking apart campaign ads in this election, because I know enough about what I don’t know about that I don’t want to pretend to be But in his newest ad, John McCain has come into Tuned In’s house, as the kids say, attacking Barack Obama on pop culture.

Again, I’ll leave the analysis of …

And Now for the McNews

At least one chain of local TV stations has found a solution for the nobody-wants-to-pay-for-journalism-anymore conundrum: product placements on the local news. The Meredith Corporation has struck a deal that has placed cups of McDonald’s iced coffee on the anchor desks at its Las Vegas affiliate; McDeals are in place at several other …

MSNBC Holds Fire on Gun Ad

Ben Smith at Politico reports that MSNBC has decided not to run an ad from Mayors Against Illegal Guns, an organization advocating the closing of a “gun-show loophole” for the purchase of firearms. The reason, says an MSNBC spokesman: “We don’t accept controversial issue advertising.”

Even if we leave aside the politics of guns, and …

"Yes We Can": That Other Big Ad Last Weekend

Other than the Mike Huckabee / Chuck Norris spot and the Hillary Sopranos parody, the two most memorable ads this campaign season are notable for (1) not being TV ads, (2) being for Barack Obama and (3) not coming from the Obama campaign. (I’m not including Obama Girl, if you’re wondering.) The first was the viral Hillary 1984 ad. The …

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