The Morning After: Come Back, Loud Debate Audiences! All Is Forgiven!

In the first umpteen Republican debates of this primary season, the crowds watching had as much of an active role as the participants, driving the energy of the debates and sometimes the day-after discussion. Whether it was booing a gay soldier or cheering the death penalty or going hog-wild over Newt Gingrich’s lambasting of CNN’s John …

Debate Watch: You Come at the King, You Best Not Miss

It’s become a cliché to say that each Republican debate is the most important yet—at least since the last Most Important Debate—but last night’s showdown in South Carolina had a strong claim, coming after Rick Perry’s drop-out, Rick Santorum’s retroactive win in Iowa and Newt Gingrich’s twofer of climbing ahead in the polls while an …

Regis Philbin: A Career on Camera

Regis Philbin, the legendary talk-show host, has logged a record-setting 16,700 hours on camera throughout his career. As he steps down from hosting Live With Regis and Kelly, TIME looks back at a television career that spanned decades.

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