First The Lego Movie, And Now Minecraft

The video game is set to be adapted as a live-action film

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Minecraft is heading to the big screen.

After the jaw-dropping success of The Lego Movie—which has raked in $280.5 million worldwide since its release three weeks ago—Warner Bros. has made moves to turn another beloved franchise into a movie by buying the rights to the incredibly popular game.

Minecraft, which was widely released in 2011, is an open play building game where players create avatars and then a world, using blocks to create structures. It also now has more than 100 million users, which, if Warner Bros. has any say in the matter, should translate into plenty of movie ticket sales.

Surprisingly, Deadline reports that executives are planning the do a live-action film. Less surprisingly, given the subject matter and potential, there is already plenty of interest from potential writers and directors. Roy Lee, who co-produced Lego, is set to produce Minecraft along with Jill Messick, whose previous producing credits include Mean Girls and Hot Rod.

There’s no word on potential stars at the moment, or a title for that matter. We’re guessing they’ll probably go with something like The Minecraft Movie.