Miley Cyrus Teams Up With Pharrell (Again) on “Come Get It Bae”: Listen

Did you hear? Pharrell and Miley Cyrus have a motorcycle

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Columbia Records

Miley Cyrus’ creative collaboration with Pharrell Williams bore fruit on the singer’s 2013 LP Bangerz, which saw the R&B Renaissance man providing production on neo-funk-pop-lite tracks like “4×4” and “Get It Right.” Cyrus returns the favor now with a cameo on Pharrell’s upcoming album G I R L, lending her twangy purr to the spare, thudding “Come Get It Bae.”

“Hey!” ejections pepper the track like a layer of additional percussion, with Pharrell’s falsetto and Cyrus’ likable croak harmonizing to sound like an androgynous choir; “You wanna ride it, my motorcycle?” they sing together. Like most of Pharrell’s music, it’s both nostalgic and futuristic, the soundtrack to a hoedown throwdown in space where everyone’s on sizzurp.

G I R L is streaming in full on iTunes Radio; listen to “Come Get It Bae” below.