Space Jam 2 Producers Want Lebron James To Star

But the Miami Heat forward hasn't yet agreed to be in the movie

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Eighteen years after Michael Jordan teamed up with the Looney Tunes to defeat the Monstars, the buzz around a sequel to Space Jam is ramping up with reports that LeBron James would take the leading non-animated role.

The two-time NBA champion would be a natural pick to inherit MJ’s starring role in the sequel currently in development, but it looks like he’s not convinced yet. Lebron reps reportedly denied the star’s involvement in Space Jam 2, despite his earlier professions on Twitter of interest in the role, reports Yahoo Sports. 

Lebron’s not out of it yet, though. He’s been looking at movie roles and he’s now shooting his first movie, Ballers, with Kevin Hart. Lebron might not be a slam dunk for Space Jam 2, but the shot clock hasn’t run out yet.