Late-Night Highlight: Michelle Obama Does ‘Ew!’ With Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell

Only an "Ew!" girl would ask the First Lady, "Okay Michelle, so like, what's up?"

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Michelle Obama joined Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell last night on The Tonight Show for some girl talk — or more specifically, some valley girl “Ew!” talk.

Jimmy Fallon brought back his brace-faced character Sara (with no H), host of what was previously Late Night‘s “Ew!” sketch, and introduced Will Ferrell as his new BFF Stacy Wallace. Obama then joined the pair on the couch, playing herself.

Although Sara and Stacy were nervous to be hanging out with the First Lady, she put them at ease by telling them to call her Michelle. The trio then proceeded to discuss the Olympics, share a “triple hand hug” and participate in other bonding activities.

The biggest disagreement of the conversation occurred when Stacy said she thought exercising was “Ew!,” to which Michelle responded, “Exercise is not ew!” Sara then learned that dancing can be exercise too, and the three had a little dance party. (Of course, the First Lady’s guest appearance was in part a promotion of her Let’s Move! campaign, which focuses on fitness among America’s youth.)

Michelle also offered the gals some kale chips as an alternative to potato chips. Depending on your taste, that might be the only part of the show that you would actually consider “Ew!”