Lorde’s Collaboration With Disclosure Has Given Us the Best “Royals” Remix Yet

Just when you thought you were sick of Lorde's hit, it gets reinvigorated with a new sound

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If you’re thinking you really don’t need to listen to yet another version of Lorde’s “Royals” — that infectious chart-topper that you probably heard about sixty times a day for the last six months — just hear us out. This one is actually worth it.

The New Zealand-born teen performed with English electronic duo Disclosure at the BRIT Awards, blending her “Royals” with their “White Noise.” Aluna Francis, one half of the duo AlunaGeorge — whose vocals are featured on the Disclosure track — made a surprise appearance too, singing alongside Lorde for a moment before launching into her own performance.

In the end, what we get is a more electronic, upbeat version of the still-ridiculously-catchy “Royals” paired with a pretty true-to-the-original “White Noise. If you’re into the mashup, which you should be, it’s also available now on iTunes