Kate Mara Talks About Big House of Cards Shocker on Letterman

Kate Mara is faring better than Zoe Barnes these days

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SPOILER ALERT: This video and post discuss a major shocking moment that occurs in House of Cards season two, episode one — so unless you like spoilers, peel your eyes away from this one.

Kate Mara appeared on the Late Show last night to talk to David Letterman about the huge House of Cards shocker that occurs in the season two premiere. She didn’t technically say exactly what happened, but let’s be honest — most of us have already seen at least the first few episodes of season two (or more likely, binge-watched all 13 episodes over Valentine’s Day weekend).

Mara, who played the young, ambitious, willing-to-cross-ethical-boundaries journalist Zoe Barnes, gave some very big hints regarding the development of her character — or lack thereof.

“I’m so happy to be alive and sitting here right now,” Mara said emphatically. “I’m glad I took a car and not the subway to your show…”

The sudden death of Zoe Barnes (there it is!) is just one of many unexpected plot twists that keep viewers on their toes in the latest season, but the cast has been careful to keep most of the show’s surprises under wraps — for now, that is. If you haven’t finished season two yet, get to watching — before another cast member appears on another late night show and gives the whole thing away.