China Won’t Raise Foreign Film Quota Until More Cinemas Are Built

A need for more movie theaters is making China keep a tight grip on its foreign film quota

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Chinese young girls wear special glasses at the 4D theater in a Beijing movie theater

Before Beijing allows more foreign films allowed into China, extra movie theaters will need to be build, reports the Wall Street Journal.

According to Victor Koo, the chief executive of the largest online video company in China, the need for more cinemas is why the government has not raised the import quota. Currently, Beijing allows 34 foreign movies to be screened in Chinese movie theaters every year, most of them from the U.S.

Hollywood is campaigning for the quota to rise, as there is money galore to be made in the Chinese film market, which is the world’s second largest after North America. China has put the quota in place to protect the rising domestic movie industry.

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