Bleachers Has More Fun Than fun. With “I Wanna Get Better”: Listen

Jack Antonoff launches a new project, Bleachers, led by a killer single

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RCA Records

The band fun. conquered the charts in 2012 and 2013 with Some Nights, an energetic blast of a pop-rock record that featured hugely successful singles like the title track and the ubiquitous “We Are Young.” At their best, the band incites a sugar-rush spark in the listener: they can make you feel insanely happy just to be alive. Lead guitarist Jack Antonoff inspired some of the record’s best such moments with joyous, skidding guitar solos, and he’s now striking out on his own with a new project, Bleachers; their first single, “I Wanna Get Better,” is streaming below.

The song contains some of the same magic that’s led fun. to success — a giddiness that’s an inch or two away from the edge of control, an open-armed embrace of huge pop hooks — with a new voice at the helm, Antonoff’s deeper, dry vocals having replaced Nate Ruess’ soaring takes. “I Wanna Get Better” is a great first effort; it’s exciting to imagine what else Antonoff has up his sleeve.

Given, too, that Antanoff is dating Lena Dunham, don’t be surprised if you hear the song blasting anthemically during an episode of Girls.