Friday Night Lights Band Crucifictorious To Reunite On Set of Parenthood

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Bravermans

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Courtesy of NBC

Friday Night Lights courtesy of NBC

A Friday Night Lights reunion is coming to Parenthood — sort of.

To keep fans of Parenthood, Grimm, Chicago Fire and Parks and Recreation happy while their favorite shows are preempted for Olympics coverage, NBC is turning to the Internet. (Where else?)

Four shows from NBC’s lineup will be getting special webisodes, which will be featured on, YouTube and Hulu. Chicago Fire will have a four-part series called “I Am A Firefighter,” which debuts Tuesday, Feb. 11th; Grimm‘s “Love in the Air” four-parter will follow Rosalee and Juliette on a spa party, interrupted, debuting Friday, Feb. 14th; and a Parks and Recreation set called “The Hapley Group,” with Perd Hapley conducting a political round table, debuts on Thursday, Feb. 20th.

While all the web series sound interesting — especially “The Hapley Group”, which will feature Crazy Ira, “The Douche” and Joan Callamezzo — it’s Parenthood that is getting the buzz thanks to a crossover with a past beloved Jason Katims-produced television show, Friday Night Lights.

On Monday, NBC announced that Parenthood’s four-part digital companion series, “Friday Night at the Luncheonette,” will follow Amber (Mae Whitman) and her cousin Max (Max Burkholder) as they hold down the fort after hours at the family’s recording studio. While they are at the studio, Crucifictorious, the fictional Christian speed metal band helmed by Landry Clarke (Jesse Plemons), will stop by for a jam session with the help of Billy Riggins (Derek Phillips).

It just goes to show: no band is safe from a reunion tour. (Even fictional ones.)
The four-part digital series kicks off on Thursday, Feb. 13. Until then, check out Crucifictorious in action in this clip from Friday Night Lights:

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