Check It Out: A 6,500-Square-Foot Picture of Ballerinas That You Can Dance With

Watch as New York City Ballet fans interact with French artist JR's new installation

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Usually, when you go to the ballet, you watch the dancers on stage. Now, at the New York City Ballet, you can dance with them instead. Or step on them. Or, of course, Instagram them.

The art installation pictured below is by French graffiti-artist-turned-TED-Prize-winner JR. His work is usually classified as street art, but this time he’s photographed 80 dancers from the New York City Ballet to create a series of pieces that will be displayed during the ballet’s winter season, including one huge piece on the floor of the promenade that includes all of them. Two more of the NYCB’s special “Art Series” performances will take place on Feb. 7 and Feb. 13, but it’s also open to the public from Feb. 2 – Feb. 9, free of charge — which probably means there will be more social-media fodder where these came from.

JR NYC Ballet