Jury Backs Courtney Love in ‘Twibel’ Case

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Singer Courtney Love prevailed in court Friday, as a jury determined that a tweet she posted about her ex-attorney was not defamatory, the Associated Press reported.

The case, in a trial lasted eight days, stemmed from a 2010 Twitter posting in which the Hole frontwoman hinted that the attorney, Rhonda Holmes, was “bought off.”

Love had employed Holmes for a fraud case against the estate of the late Kurt Cobain, the former Nirvana singer and Love’s husband. Holmes argued that she was let go by Love and that the tweets the rocker posted about her had brought considerable damages. Holmes sued for $8 million.

Love explained to the jury that the tweet — “I was (expletive) devastated when Rhonda J Holmes Esq of san diego was bought off” — was meant to be sent as a direct message to a recipient, not to the public.

After three hours of deliberation, the jury decided Love didn’t know the tweets had wrong information.

Love wasn’t present in court when the verdict was announced, but arrived afterwards and embraced her two attorneys.