Today’s Trailer: Maleficent

The live-action Disney film stars Angelina Jolie's cheekbones

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The second trailer for Disney’s Maleficent gives us more of a glimpse of the evil Sleeping Beauty sorceress, but from a different perspective. Angelina Jolie stars as Maleficent the evil sorceress who, it turns out, really wasn’t always so evil.

The trailer, which first aired on the Disney Channel, contrasts scenes from the 1959 animated original with a bit of Maleficent’s back story. According to the film’s official description, Maleficent was once a good woman who suffers a betrayal that turns “her pure heart to stone.” Yet there still seem to be shades of good, as we see her giving some maternal counsel to Aurora (played by Elle Fanning) in the trailer — even after she’s cursed the princess to die.

Maleficent won’t be the first time a children’s classic is flipped on its head by being shown through the eyes of the supposed villain. But whether Maleficent can pull off the same trick as Wicked is an open question.

If you’re not too distracted by Jolie’s razor-sharp cheekbones, you can catch the film in theaters May 30.