Fantasy Card Game Magic: The Gathering Headed To The Big Screen

Fox has bought the film rights for the popular 1990s role-playing game

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Fans of Magic: The Gathering are in for a treat: a movie version of the fantasy card game is in the works. According to The Hollywood Reporter, 21st Century Fox has bought the film rights to the Hasbro game, with the hopes of turning it into a major film franchise.

The role-playing game, which was introduced in 1993, involves collectible cards that feature creatures, weapons or spells that players can use against each other. The game grew in popularity throughout the ’90s and beyond. Today there are Magic tournaments held around the world.

In spite of the game’s popularity, it’s hard to predict how the movie adaptation will play out. AsĀ The Verve points out, although “the canon is rich with lore, there isn’t a consistent overarching narrative.” Though there are no directors or stars currently attached, Fox has placed producer-writer Simon Kinberg, who is also working on the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises, in charge of producing the adaptation.

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