Golden Globes 2014: Amy and Tina Riff on Foreign Journalists

All those crazy names from their intro to "The President's Speech"

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Paul Drinkwater / NBC

The Hollywood Foreign Press got a big shout-out from the girls. A litany of insanely tortured names followed.

“Jurgen Fonderfinger from Der Funt magazine.”

“Lupe Para Los Lupes from”

“Sven Kendervomit from Purple magazine.”

“Zimit Fern, editor of Kerplunk.

“Nicoise Yakimora Bichon Frisee Yoshimata from L’Oeuf.”

“Yukosh V.I. Warchowski from the free magazine they give out on Polish buses, Powee.”

“And of course, Jeremy Watson Stewart, from Das Tits.”

“Thank you all for your integrity.”