Amy Poehler: First-Ever Golden Globes Host to Win While Hosting

Poehler won for her role on 'Parks and Recreation'

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71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Show - Season 71
Paul Drinkwater / NBC

Talk about a good night: Golden Globes ceremony co-host Amy Poehler is now doing double-duty, having won a Golden Globe for her role on Parks and Recreation.

And, in a moment of supreme irony, one of the celebs who has probably spent the longest time prepping for the evening turned out to have forgotten the thing every nominee is supposed to do. Though Poehler spent the earlier part of the evening poking fun at those in the room — and getting a shoulder rub from Bono — she didn’t write a witty acceptance speech, instead turning to the normal list of thank yous and, despite her knowledge of the way the telecast would go down, got played off by the orchestra.

But in one respect she was anything but “normal.” Amy Poehler the first and only Golden Globes host to ever win a Golden Globe award while hosting.

To be fair, that’s partially because the Globes haven’t had all that many hosts. Though the awards are in their 71st year, not every year’s ceremony has included an actual host. When Ricky Gervais was announced as the host of the 2010 awards, he was the first to have the gig in 15 years. While Gervais does have a Golden Globe, he won it in 2004. Likewise, Tina Fey’s wins were prior to serving as host. Until 1964, the awards were not televised nationally, and several years after that lacked telecasts too. Andy Williams, who hosted for several years, never won; nor did John Larroquette or Janine Turner, who co-hosted in 1995, the last time the show had a host before Gervais. Out of all the other hosts, the one who came closest was Louis Gossett, Jr., who hosted the year after winning for The Josephine Baker Story.

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