The Pants of the Future are Her(e)

A collection inspired by Spike Jonze's new movie is hot

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Warner Bros.

Interactions between humans and computers can get complicated even today and, in Spike Jonze’s movie Her (opening in wide release on Jan. 10 after a limited December launch), the future is one in which those relationships are deeper and trickier than ever before. Audiences may squirm to see the movie’s hero, played by Joaquin Phoenix, develop feelings for an operating system voiced by Scarlett Johansson — but we already know that one element of the movie’s future-set world is coming true.

High-waisted pants aren’t just something worn by Phoenix’s nerdy character — they’re for real.

(MORERichard Corliss reviews Her)

According to a brief item in today’s Hollywood Reporter, the Her tie-in collection designed by costumer Casey Storm and high-end shop Opening Ceremony is already selling well — and that includes the pants:

Storm says they’re selling more briskly than he expected: “It’s one of the last frontiers of men’s fashion to come back. But it does look weird when you first see it.”

Phoenix initially doubted Storm’s vision for the future during costume fittings, the designer adds, but was convinced of the filmmakers’ idea that future coolness belongs to nerdier types.

The collection launched around the time of the movie’s limited December opening, and was announced a few weeks prior to that. And it’s not just pants: there are men’s and women’s color-blocked sweatshirts, one-pocket tops with the safety pin that Phoenix’s character uses to prop up his device in the movie, shearling coats and more. The collection isn’t on the cheap side — a graphic t-shirt goes for $110, for example — but that’s expected from Opening Ceremony and, besides, though the movie doesn’t give an exact year in which it’s set, we assume there’ll be some inflation between now and then.

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