Rainn Wilson and Arcade Fire’s Win Butler Hug It Out in Haiti

Plus, Wilson gets Butler to reveal the best advice he ever got . . . from Neil Young

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If you have ever wondered what would happen if you put Rainn Wilson in a van with Arcade Fire’s Win Butler, we now know the answer: They hug. After Wilson nearly assaults the Arcade Fire frontman, naturally.

In a new video on The Office star’s SoulPancake YouTube channel, Wilson and Butler settle into the back of a well-upholstered van for a quick trip “to Haiti” to talk about the nation’s impact on Arcade Fire’s new album, Reflektor, cultural appropriation and the lack of boundaries for music.

Butler also listed a few must-have albums, including titles by The Cure, Radiohead and Neil Young, and recounted the best advice he’s ever received. Specifically, Neil Young told him, “Have fun making your album. Or it can not be fun at all. That’s okay, too.”

The duo previously worked together when Wilson stopped by Arcade Fire’s post-SNL concert special called “Here Comes The Night Time” that was part of the build-up to the release of Reflektor. Wilson can be spotted all over the track “Normal Person” but watch for cameos from Bono, Ben Stiller, Michael Cera, James Franco, Aziz Ansari, Eric Wareheim, Bill Hader and Zach Galifianakis.


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