Hollywood Nears Record Year At The Box Office

2013 could beat last year's earnings by more than $100 million

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Hollywood may have its best year ever at the domestic box office, raking in nearly $11 billion, almost one percent higher than last year’s total at the same time.

This year’s collective gross could outperform 2012’s annual take of $10.8 billion by more than $100 million, according to Rentrak. Though Hollywood was able to offset last summer’s expensive flops like After Earth and The Lone Ranger, attendance remained stagnant due to higher ticket prices, the Associated Press reports.

Summer hits Fast & Furious 6 and Iron Man 3 aided the boost, but fall and holiday offerings brought in big sales. Christmas box office sales grossed an estimated $78 million, the second-highest Christmas Day performance of all time, according to MarketWatch.