Santa Bey Drops in on Walmart, Gifts Every Shopper

$50 gift cards for all, and Beyonce's album for herself

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Courtesy of Beyonce via Facebook

‘Tis the season of Queen Bey. Just a week after shocking fans with the stealthy release of her secret, self-titled “visual” album, the pop star again made an unexpected move when she dropped by a Massachusetts Walmart Friday.

The 32-year-old singer made a surprise appearance at Walmart in Tewksbury, Mass., Us Weekly exclusively reports. Bey perused the aisles with a shopping cart, picking up a few toys likely for her daughter Blue Ivy — before bestowing every person in the store with a $50 gift card to Walmart.


Courtesy of Beyonce via Facebook


Courtesy of Beyonce via Facebook

She spent $37,500 for 720 shoppers on the gift certificates alone.

But perhaps the most interesting purchase was a copy of her album Beyonce, which competing retailer Target announced it would not sell because of her decision to first release it online. Whether the trip was a deliberate snub to Target, it was nonetheless a “Flawless” response.


Courtesy of Beyonce via Facebook

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