Follow the Bouncing Ball: The Top 10 Karaoke Songs of 2013

Just give me one reason to...sing this song

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For many people, karaoke is something you do at a specialized location, somewhere with fancy equipment and a catalogue of cheesy videos that don’t have much to do with the songs they accompany. But karaoke bars are no longer the only places to pretend you’re your favorite singer: there’s actually a karaoke-specific VEVO-affiliated channel on YouTube (KaraokeOnVEVO, natch, which just started this year), and they’ve just released a list of their Top 10 most popular karaoke songs of 2013.

At the top of the list is the video above, P!nk’s “Just Give Me A Reason,” featuring Nate Ruess. Rounding out the rest of the list (with links, if you’re ready to belt out a few tunes):

So: some pop hits, some karaoke go-tos, a classic show-off-your-voice song, lots of Beyoncé…and the Goo Goo Dolls. KaraokeOnVEVO suggests that the anniversary of The Wizard of Oz may have had something to do with the rise of “Over the Rainbow,” but they offer no guesses about the enduring karaoke popularity of “Iris.” Apparently the “everything” that’s made to be broken includes breaking into this top ten.

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