A Tighty-Whitey Marching Band and More: Wolf of Wall Street Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Take a look at the making of the upcoming movie

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Even though The Wolf of Wall Street doesn’t come out till Christmas Day, those eagerly anticipating the Leonardo DiCaprio film have already heard, via Deadline, that it’s “the hardest R [a source has] ever seen from a major Hollywood studio.” While you won’t hear any of the harsh language, nudity and sex that have earned the movie such superlatives, these ten-plus minutes of behind-the-scenes “b-roll” footage, made available by the studio, do provide a peep at some of the movie’s opulence.

There are fancy suits, a marching band wearing only their underwear, poufy ’80s-looking bridesmaid dress — and something even more interesting: a glimpse at the working rapport between director Martin Scorsese and his stars.

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