NBC to Produce Sequel to The Bible

The 12-hour series 'A.D.' — based on the New Testament — will air in 2015

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History Channel

If you thought Moses parting the Red Sea on the History Channel’s The Bible was a big deal (and it was), just wait till you see the portrayal of Jesus’ resurrection on NBC.  (Of course, Peacock execs hope this is a bigger deal).

We all know the real story of The Bible doesn’t end with Jesus’ death — and NBC wants to tap into that story, announcing plans for The Bible miniseries sequel, A.D., to air on network television in spring 2015.

Mark Burnett’s The Bible proved powerful enough in its own right, even if it did end early in the New Testament, finishing 2013 as the third most-watched cable series — hey, the final installment of the 10-part series even beat out The Walking Dead. Once out on DVD, the miniseries sold 525,000 units in its first week, the fastest-selling DVD release in the last five years.

The new 12-hour A.D. hopes to set those types of marks. And on network television.

Burnet, again with wife Roma Downey and Richard Bedser will produce, while Simon Block will write the script. The cast and director are still up in the air.

“Last year when Mark Burnett was launching The Bible on cable, I told him, without hesitation, that if he wanted to tell more of the story, we’d love to do it at NBC,” says Robert Greenblatt, chairman, NBC Entertainment, in a statement. “We are firmly in the ‘event’ business and nothing has more event potential than A.D. as it continues immediately after the The Bible ended.”

The first episode is packed with plenty, says NBC, including the last moments of the Crucifixion, Judas taking his own life after betraying Jesus, Peter denying Christ three times and the miracle of Christ’s resurrection. But with 12 hours of A.D., rest assured we’ll see everything from the Pentecost—the coming of the Holy Spirit—to Paul’s impressive journeys. For a preview of A.D., though, just pick up your nearest New Testament.