Online Greeting Cards Let You Share Moments from Your Favorite Films

Say it with movies

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Watch out Hallmark, entire movie scenes will try and trump you this Christmas season.

A series of online greeting cards from Ditto Greetings — debuting this holiday season — will let you share sentiments through some memorable movie scenes. The service even allows for some customization: the free messages — which can be sent via email, text or Facebook —  lets you add personalized thoughts (which can turn out quite touching, as in the note card scene from Love Actually).

But the site isn’t just Christmas or birthday, offering recommendations from dozens of categories, everything from workplace greetings and I’m sorry greetings to nights out, breakups, invitations and the all-encompassing “everyday nonsense.”

Ditto Greetings CEO David Belasco told The Hollywood Reporter that friends talk in movie quotes, so it only made sense to edit those into messages for everyday life.

Studios have agreed to work with Ditto, opening up their library archives to the digital greeting card company — especially as each card comes with a link to purchase the movie.

If Hollywood said it best, Ditto wants you to repeat it.