Coroner Can’t ID Paul Walker’s Body After Car Crash

Dental records needed

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William Volcov / BrazilPhotoPress / LatinContent / Getty Images

A Los Angeles coroner said Monday that she is unable to identify Paul Walker’s body because of how badly it was damaged in the car crash that killed him, and that she will need the actor’s dental records to finalize her ID.

Walker, 40, died Saturday, along with friend and former race-car driver Roger Rodas, 38, when their car hit a light pole and a tree.  “There was a post-collision fire, and the bodies are not visually identifiable,” said Dana Bee, a deputy coroner with the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office, the New York Daily News reports. “We are working to legally obtain the dental records.”

The actor was riding in the passenger seat of a red Porsche Carrera GT when the accident happened. He reportedly got into the car at Always Evolving, a high-end car shop run by Rodas.  The shop was having a fundraiser for victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

The two were returning from a spin in the Porsche with Rodas driving, when the car sped into a light pole and tree 500 yards from the shop.

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