The 7 Best Rhymes From the All-Verse Episode of ‘How I Met Your Mother’

Here are some rhymes, all in a list, in case the episode you missed

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Cliff Lipson / CBS

The final season of How I Met Your Mother is pulling out all the stops — which includes last night’s all-rhyming episode. Starting with the premise that the sound of rhyming speech has the power to keep baby Marvin asleep on a late-night bus ride to Farhampton, Marshall narrates three stories about the HIMYM gang, all in verse.

Though not every couplet was prize-worthy — inn plus grin isn’t exactly something to write home about — there were a few stand-out lines. Here are our picks for the best rhymes in the show:

For what may well be the first use of the word crap-tastic in poetic meter, while introducing the gimmick for the episode:

Oh no, what a bummer, what crap-tastic luck Without Marvin’s rhyme book this ride’s gonna suck

For the rhyming debut of a brand-new Barney concept, the International Date Line that divides a date and a friendly get-together:

The date line is the border betwixt happiness and sorrowOn this side you go home tonight; on this side home tomorrow

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For rhyming the names of multiple members of the New York Yankees:

As Lisa said, “I might like the spaghetti marinara,” Poor Ted just wondered silently, ‘Mariano Rivera?’ And as she said, “I read this place has great chicken milano,”All Ted could bring himself to think was Alfonso Soriano

And as she said, “How ’bout something hardy? How ’bout blackened miso cod?”

‘Is it Joe Girardi? Holy crap, is it A-Rod?!’

For allowing guest star Lin-Manuel Miranda, of In the Heights fame and Freestyle Love Supreme rhyming glory, to show off his stuff while dealing with the fact that Marshall had to end a line with the word “Canada” in reference to the episode’s other guest star, James Van Der Beek, who returned as Robin’s ex from up north:

I never met any man who could clean up after Canada —Except my uncle Tony from the Bronx, he’s a janitor 

For Ogden-Nash-worthy syntax reversal, Lily and Ted’s dialogue about how Robin consumed an entire wedding cake:

“I came as soon as I got word. So how bad is the damage?”“See for yourself the product of her cake-in-gullet crammage.”

For an unexpected rhyme to introduce another new Barney concept:

…Hang on to your chai-rs For that day I was called before the High Council of Players

For a primetime-friendly twist on an old classic:

“Now I’m never going make it to Nantucket!”[Fireworks make next line inaudible]

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