Lara Logan on Leave After Botched Benghazi 60 Minutes Report

CBS News chairman Jeff Fager said he asked Logan and her producer to take time off in a memo that included conclusions from an internal review of the retracted segment

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Lara Logan, the embattled 60 Minutes correspondent who has apologized for a retracted Oct. 27 story on the 2012 Benghazi attack, is taking a leave of absence.

CBS News chairman Jeff Fager, an executive producer for the news show, said in a memo to staff that he asked Logan and her producer, Max McClellan, to take a leave for an undetermined amount of time, the Huffington Post reports. The memo included findings from an internal investigation that indicated Logan and her team did not do enough to confirm the discredited account from Dylan Davies, a security contractor who was central to the report about the attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya.

“When faced with a such an error, we must use it as an opportunity to make our broadcast even stronger,” Fager wrote. “We are making adjustments at 60 Minutes to reduce the chances of it happening again.”

Logan has apologized for the 60 Minutes report.

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