7 Justin Bieber Facts We Learned from the Hollywood Reporter Cover Story

Will Smith and Eminem both get shout-outs in the in-depth article

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Norberto Duarte / AFP / Getty Images

Justin Bieber performs in Asuncion, Paraguay, on Nov. 6, 2013.

There he is, on the cover of the Nov. 29 issue of The Hollywood Reporter: Justin Bieber. The 19-year-old singer, Brazilian-law breaker and plastic-surgery inspiration gave the magazine lots of access for an article about his transition from tween idol to grown-up artist, and the way his manager Scooter Braun sees that going down.

It’s worth reading the whole in-depth thing here, but here are some of our favorite Bieber factoids from the piece:

1. “Swag” is over: Though Bieber can’t resist using the slang term (“It’s a lifestyle — like a suaveness or a swag, per se,” he tells reporter Shirley Halperin), he always declares the once-dominant term “played out.” (YouTube find of the day: Bieber saying “swag” for 30 minutes straight.)

2. He gets daily scripture texts and weekly Will Smith calls: A pastor named Judah Smith sends the singer a personally chosen bit of biblical wisdom every day; Will Smith speaks to him on the phone every week about any problems Bieber is having.

3. That Anne Frank thing was not unprompted: Bieber drew massive amounts of scorn for writing in the Anne Frank House’s guest book that Frank might have been a Belieber, during a visit to Amsterdam early this year. But, claims Scooter Braun, the pop star didn’t just come up with that sentiment on his own. According to Braun, the museum staff pointed out the pictures of movie stars admired by Frank and drew the first comparison between her fan-ish tendencies and modern-day Beliebers.

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4. Tom Hanks and Eminem have offered to counsel Bieber: When news of Bieber in trouble comes out, celebrities come forward to offer advice. Tom Hanks was offered as a counselor by his wife Rita Wilson, and Eminem’s manager offered to have the rapper gives Bieber advice.

5. Nobody has ever said “no” to Bieber: At least according to a scene in the upcoming Bieber doc Believe, as reported by THR, he can’t think of a time something he wanted was denied.

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6. Bieber has donated a dollar of every concert tour ticket, from two tours, to charity: That adds up to $13 million. Not too shabby.

7. Bieber is a teen-mag champ: He’s been on every single cover of Tiger Beat this year.

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