Watch Bjork Explain Television In A Very Bjork Way

It's just so, so Bjork.

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“You shouldn’t let poets lie to you,” says Bjork as she attempts to explain the technology behind a television set in a video unearthed by Douglas Wolk, TIME contributor and internet archaeologist. In the video, for reasons unknown but perhaps something having to do with Christmas, Bjork takes a television apart in front of a camera and explains its inner workings. Sort of.

In the video, the young Icelandic singer deconstructs a television set, removing its back and declaring its interior to be “like a little model of a city. The houses, which are here, and streets. This is maybe an elevator to go up there.” She then goes on to explain that she had a fear of television, thanks to an Icelandic poet who explained that television is made up of “millions and millions of little screens that send light, some sort of electric light, I’m not really sure.” She continued: “This is what an Icelandic poet told me. And I became so scared to television that I always got headaches when I watched it.”

Luckily, Bjork eventually learned the truth about television! “When I got my Danish book on television, I stopped being afraid because I read the truth, the scientifical truth and it was much better,” she said. “You shouldn’t let poets lie to you.” Valuable words of wisdom indeed.

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