That Hunger Games Theme Park? Here Are 5 Attractions We Want to See

Don't worry parents — we imagine a blood-free experience

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Now that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter has cemented its place in Orlando, home to theme parks and rides based on the Marvel and DC Superheroes, Disney Princesses and Star Wars, we shouldn’t be all that surprised that Lionsgate is hoping to get into the theme-park business with the blockbuster Hunger Games series. According to Variety, the studio is in talks to create Hunger Games theme parks in not one, but two locations.

Granted, creating a theme park based upon a story about a totalitarian regime that holds games every year in which children are forced to murder one another is a little…morbid. But Suzanne Collins’ YA trilogy has outsold all of the Harry Potter books on — more than 50 million copies — and the first film grossed $684.5 million worldwide. So there must be some way Lionsgate can turn the dystopian tale into destination for family fun, right?
And let’s be honest, if they do make a Hunger Games theme park, we’ll be eagerly waiting in line on opening day. So we channeled both our inner Imagineer, reread the book and watched the movie a couple more times (for good measure) to come up with five PG attractions that would make the perfect Hunger Games theme park.
Train to the Capitol

Ride with Katniss and Peeta through Panem to the Capitol on their journey to the Hunger Games — and see all 12 Districts along the way. Each district has theme of sorts — coal, grain, electricity, weapons, etc. — based on what they produce, all of which you’ll be able to see from your train car. The slow, dark ride (perfect for youngsters) will be akin to the “It’s a Small World” at Disney World…but way more depressing.
The Hunger Games

Murray Close / Lionsgate

Gale and Katniss’ Hunting Games

Help Gale and Katniss hunt for food to keep their families alive by shooting virtual arrows at deer, rabbits and birds that you see in the forrest (while wearing 3D glasses, naturally) and sitting in a car that moves from screen to screen for different challenges (also suitable for youngsters). You can compete for the high score against your friends, similar to the Toy Story Midway game at Disney World.

Training Center

At the training center, you can prepare for the hunger games like the tributes do for weeks before they fight. You can learn to shoot arrows at targets, paint camouflage on yourself, climb a rock climbing wall or ropes or a jungle gym, etc. If you go at a specific time of day, you can be judged for your skills against others by a set of judges dressed in flamboyant Capitol attire (think: blue hair, strange makeup and colorful clothes).
Hunger Games Movie Review

Murray Close

The Tracker Jacker

This high-speed roller coaster — named for the deadly genetically-engineered, fast-moving wasp that can induce hallucinations with a few stings — will be the fastest thrill at the park. This ride takes you from 0-to-80 in seconds, launching you into a looping, high-velocity ride.

The Mocking Jay

The main attraction at the Hunger Games theme park, this ride provides an experience similar to that found on Harry Potter, the Forbidden Journey at Universal Studios, a dark ride that takes visitors quickly through scenes from the book while suspended in mid-air.

In our ride, you enter a room where Cinna, Katniss’ friend and stylist, tells you you’re about to enter the Games and gives you Katniss’ lucky Mockingjay pin for protection. Sitting in a Mockingjay-embalzoned pod, you wait for an announcer to begin the countdown. After a mad dash, you encounter all the challenges Katniss must face during the Games (including fire, tracker jackers, a fall into the river, and large dog-like creatures ) until, finally, you reach the end — and are crowned victor.