Sinéad O’Connor Gives Pope Francis a Pass

The singer recently sat down with TIME to answer a few questions

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Sinéad O’Connor recently took time out of her busy touring schedule to drop by the TIME offices and discuss her advocacy about mental-health issues, her thoughts on music and religion and, yes, her recent public back-and-forth with Miley Cyrus.

Selections from that long conversation are featured in this week’s issue of TIME, but take a look at the video above for more of O’Connor’s thoughts on the Catholic Church:

What’s the role of religion in your life today?

I’m interested in the study of all religions, I’ve always been interested in studying religion, but I see religion and God as two separate things. I guess I see music as a priesthood; that would be how I relate. I have a very strong relationship with what I prefer to call the Holy Spirit, because it lifts, in front of any particular religion.

What do you think of the new Pope?

I’m not interested so much in all of that anymore, because the appropriate thing took place, which was that the other guy resigned. So I don’t really have to take any more interest in it. As far as I know the new dude had nothing to do with covering up very important things, so I don’t concern myself.

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Read the full 10 Questions interview in this week’s issue of TIME.