Stevie Nicks Coming To American Horror Story: Coven

The former Fleetwood Mac singer will have a guest spot on the show about witchcraft

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After half-a-season of Stevie Nicks references and background tracks, it looks like American Horror Story: Coven is finally going to get the real deal. The singer/song-writer will be making an appearance on the FX show.

Since the season began, one of Coven‘s lead characters, Misty Day (played by actor Lily Rabe), has repeatedly described her love of the former Fleetwood Mac front-woman, but it wasn’t until Tuesday — when the show’s creator Ryan Murphy tweeted, “Guess who’s visiting the Coven? The legendary Stevie Nicks” — that the news was revealed. Later, a spokesman for the show confirmed the appearance to the Los Angeles Times, though there were no details on what sort of role Nicks would have.

Seeing how the show features both witchcraft and resilient women, an appearance by Nicks — who has long faced rumors of her own involvement with witchcraft — is pretty perfect.

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