Tim Heidecker: His 5 Favorite Comedy Albums

Heidecker & Wood's new comedy album 'Some Things Never Stay The Same' is out Nov. 12

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Nick Weidner

Davin Wood (left) and Tim Heidecker

In the world of alternative-comedy, Tim Heidecker is something of a legend. The 37-year-old achieved that status based on shows he created — many with long-time collaborator, Eric Wareheim — for bizarro cable network Adult Swim, which includes the cringe-inducing hilarity of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!; Tim and Eric Billion Dollar Movie and Tom Goes to the Mayor. 

The comic duo will soon be teaming up again: Adult Swim has greenlighted their comedy series, Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories. The show — which had a Halloween sneak peek and is on the network’s 2014 schedule — will dole out their surreal and strange brand of comedy in 15-minute installments, augmented by celebrity guests as well as familiar faces from the “Tim and Eric Universe“.

Fans of their distinctive brand of comedy can also catch Heidecker on the current (and final)  season of HBO’s Eastbound and Down, where he plays Gene, a remarkably dull neighbor who lacks a sense of humor. That’s not all that Heidecker has on his plate, though. On November 12, he and multi-instrumentalist Davin Wood will release their second album under the name of  Heidecker & Wood. The LP, Some Things Never Stay the Same, which you can pre-order here, finds the two delivering satirical songs set to an AM radio beat in the vein of 70s singer-songwriters Harry Nilsson and Randy Newman. The album, which is streaming over at Entertainment Weekly‘s website, features guest appearances by Aimee Mann, Eric Johnson (The Shins, Fruit Bats), Pierre de Reeder (Rilo Kiley) and others.

In advance of the album’s release, we asked the comedian to pick his five favorite comedy albums of all time and explain his choices:


Hot February NightNeil Hamburger  

Hot February Night - Neil Hamburger - album art
“Neil is a comedian specializing in offensive but hilarious one liners who’s targets are usually celebrity tripe ready for grilling.  The concert finds Neil as the opener for Tenacious D — whose audience has no patience for Neil or anything else. What follows is a war between audience and performer, with Hamburger goading and teasing the audience and eventually, almost winning them over.  It’s daring, brave and really funny.”

In 3D and Dare To Be StupidWeird “Al” Yankovic  

In 3D - Weird Al Yankovic - album art

“These two records, which I need to lump together — they came out a year apart, I owned them both and can’t really separate them in my head — were really just my favorite things when I was a 11. This along with MAD magazine and Cracked — can’t forget Cracked — really formed the foundation of my sense of humor and installed a bug in my brain that said “I wanna do this!” Al’s parodies of the big hits of the day were fine but I was a bigger fan of the deep cuts. “One More Minute” was hilariously dark, “Yoda” was clever as hell — even as my dad groaned that making fun of Madonna was okay, but leave the Kinks alone. The musical prowess of the polka medleys would only become clear to me years later.”


Just Farr a LaughEarls and Jensen  

Just Farr a Laugh - Earles and Jensen - albuma art
“Just when you think the prank call is a dead art form along comes Earls and Jensen with a neverending supply of idiotic and deep, dumb reference-laden calls.  a dude trying to sell a “noid” doll and a Jackson Brown “Lawyers in Love in Love” Tour Painter’s Cap to sweet old southern antiques dealer. Yeah, that had my crying tears of laughter.”

Feelin’ Kinda PattonPatton Oswalt 

Feelin' Kinda Patton - Patton Oswalt - album art
“Simply straight-up-hilarious, smart-as-hell standup comedy from the current master of the art form. The Stella D’oro bit. Lord, the Stella D’oro bit.”

12 Golden Country GreatsWeen  

12 Golden Country Greats - Ween - album art
“I don’t know how excited they would be for me to be lumping them into a comedy albums list but this record is really funny! Straight-up slick Nashville country music with some damn strange lyrics, often laughably funny, including “japanese cowboy” and “piss up a rope.” Great songs and great playing from some genuine Nashville studio cats make this a very high concept effort that’s really funny and listenable over and over.”
Watch Heidecker & Wood in action: