Titanic Artifacts Suffer Water Damage: Call Capt. Irony to the Bridge!

What are the chances?

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John Moore / Getty Images

Artifacts from the RMS Titanic, part of the exhibition 'Titanic at 100: Myth and Memory' (not the same as the one mentioned in the article).

You’d think that objects recovered from the sunken Titanic had had enough of water, but oh no.  Water hasn’t finished with them yet.

An exhibition of objects salvaged from the ill-fated ship was forced to close due to water damage at its Atlanta venue, sparking a flurry of silly comments, Huffington Post reports.

The U.K. Daily Mail, for instance, noted that the exhibition’s promotion material, stating that visitors would be transported “back in time to April 1912, when the [Titanic] embarked on its maiden voyage” hit an “unerring degree of accuracy.”

The exhibition has since reopened.

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