Yoko Ono’s New Video Stars Beastie Boys, Questlove, Ira Glass

'Bad Dancer' features a whole lot of... bad dancing

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Sometimes Yoko Ono can be quite literal.

The new video for her song “Bad Dancer” includes not just one bad dancer, but several. The video stars “bad” dancers such as Beastie Boys Ad-Rock and Mike D (who also mixed the track, according to Rolling Stone), Questlove, Ira Glass and Roberta Flack, among others. It was filmed in Brooklyn under the direction of Ben Dickinson.

“‘Bad Dancer’ is a comedy, really,” Ono, who turned 80 this year, told Rolling Stone. “I wanted this to be fun, not too serious.” The video is for the first single from Ono’s Plastic Ono Band’s latest album, “Take Me To The Land Of Hell,” which was released Sept. 17.

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