This Terrifying Animatronic Baby Freaked Out the Cast and Crew of Twilight

Team Chuckesmee!

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Summit / Yahoo!

Move over Chucky, Renesmee is here.

The Twilight Forever: Complete Saga Boxset was released on DVD/Blu-Ray today and included in the bonus materials is a behind-the-scenes clip that reveals that Breaking Dawn, Part 2 was nearly a horror film to rival Child’s Play, thanks to an evil doll that cast and crew called Chuckesmee.

The final installment of the sparkly vampire saga focuses on the family life of vampire Edward Cullen, his human bride Bella Swan and their newborn human-vampire hybrid daughter, Renesmee. The problem with bringing the story to the silver screen was that real newborn babies aren’t as precocious as the supernatural spawn imagined by Twilight series author Stephenie  Meyer.

The film crew, in search of an appropriately fetching infant, had two choices: animatronics or CGI. They went with an animatronic — and, thus, the super creepy puppet doll was born. Doll producer Wyck Godrey refers to as “one of the most grotesque animatronic babies ever to not be seen on film.” The doll did not last long in the film (it was replaced with a still creepy digital version in the movie) because it seems that no one — from cast to director — wanted to be in the same room as the monstrosity. In the video, which was shared by Yahoo, no one even bothers to try and conceal their distaste for the creepy doll that actor Nikki Reed refers to as a “creature.”

Watch director Bill Condon and the rest of the cast and crew shudder in horror at the nightmare named Chuckesmee:

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