Jimmy Kimmel’s Sadistic Halloween Pranks are Back — and the Kids Aren’t Getting Any Wiser

Note: Kids still don't like being told parents ate their Halloween candy

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Showing that we all have no free will when it comes to puppetmaster Jimmy Kimmel’s maniacal spell, for the third year in a row parents have agreed to submit their children to a tearful fate.

That’s right, costume trends may come and go, but Jimmy Kimmel’s Halloween prank is here to stay.

For three years running, parents have recorded themselves telling their children that they ate all the Halloween candy. Chaos and kicking ensues.

While the result is still funny, does it have the legs of its predecessors? The original 2011 video got 9 million views in just 48 hours. By November 5, 2012, the sequel had been seen 10 million times.

How’s the current one doing? Well as of late Tuesday night, one day after it was posted on YouTube, the 2013 version has only been seen 1.9 million times.

Maybe if the kids were twerking while they cried…