How Bryan Singer Would Cast The Usual Suspects Today

Benedict Cumberbatch in the Kevin Spacey role? Yeah, we could see that.

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And that, folks, is how you make a Twitter chat interesting.

Director Bryan Singer spent time Monday promoting the Tuesday trailer release of X-Men: Days of Future Past via a  Twitter chat with fans. Well, the predictable turned downright intriguing when @thetinysambo tossed out this little nugget that Singer latched onto: “Who would you cast in The Usual Suspects now if you were making the film tomorrow? :)”

Thankfully Singer had his answers at the ready.

Of course, this is all hypothetical and purely fantastical, but he’d make the new Dean Keaton (played by Gabriel Byrne in 1995) into Chris Hemsworth — and grab Dane DeHaan, Jonah Hill, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Fassbender and Edward James Olmos. Of course, Verbal has to go to today’s preeminent villain Benedict Cumberbatch and the leading lady, Edie Finneran must be played by Jennifer Lawrence. Yeah, that would work, don’t you think?

With such a bounty of big names to choose from, we’re sure some on Singer’s list will take you by surprise at first glance. Singer certainly opted for some youthful names on the list, but balanced it out along the way.

But this leaves us wondering. Who is Keyser Soze?

The before and after list:

Michael McManus: Stephen Baldwin (1995) to Dane DeHaan (2013)

Dean Keaton: Gabriel Byrne (1995) to Chris Hemsworth (2013)

Fred Fenster: Benicio Del Toro (1995) to Joseph Gordon –Levitt (2013)

Todd Hockney: Kevin Pollak (1995) to Jonah Hill (2013)

Edie Finneran: Suzy Amis (1995) to Jennifer Lawrence (2013)

Kobayashi: Pete Postlethwaite (1995) to Michael Fassbender (2013)

Agent Dave Kujan: Chazz Palminteri (1995)to Edward James Olmos (2013)

Roger “Verbal” Kent: Kevin Spacey (1995) to Benedict Cumberbatch (2013)