The One Thing Anyone Playing Pokémon X & Y Needs To Do Right Now

Do it for the Pokémon!

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Not long after Pokémon X&Y shattered 3DS sales records (moving more than 4 million copies combined in its first two days of release), did fans discover a critical game-breaking error.

If players saved in certain areas of Lumiose City — a central hub of gameplay in the current iteration of Pokémon — their games would freeze and not work anymore. The Pokémon community spread the word: saving in Lumiose City could wipe all your progress in the game.

To their credit, Nintendo owned up to the glitch and addressed the issue relatively quickly, providing a detailed map of areas where saving would potentially corrupt your game and promising a quick patch to resolve the issue.

One week after publicly acknowledging the issue, Patch 1.1 for Pokémon X&Y is finally out. The 229-block update fixes the Lumiose City-save glitch and makes your game playable again if it was previously corrupted. Download the patch from the Nintendo eShop and you won’t have to worry about losing your set of Pokémon with perfect IVs ever again.

Keep calm and Pokémon.

Via Nintendo