The Creepiest Celebrities of 2013 are …

We get that Charlie Sheen is on this list — but Steve Buscemi?

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Mike Theiss / Getty Images

Just in time for those still in search of a Halloween costume, E-Poll Market Research has compiled its annual list of the 13 (yeah, we get it) creepiest celebrities.

And think of this: Lady Gaga is only 13th.

The list, for which about 1,000 Americans are surveyed, apparently changes substantially each year. Topping the 2013 list is shock-rocker Marilyn Manson, who’s  joined by names both expected and surprising.

This year’s list:

Marilyn Manson

Chelsea Lauren / WireImage / Getty Images

1.  Marilyn Manson (above), singer

2.  Paul Reubens, actor

3.  Dennis Rodman, former NBA star

4.  Howard Stern, media personality

5.  Andy Dick, comedian

6.  Charlie Sheen (pictured), actor

7.  “Mama June” Shannon, reality TV personality

8.  Steve Buscemi, actor

9.  Woody Allen, screenwriter/director

10.  Criss Angel, magician

11.  Miley Cyrus, singer

12.  Dina Lohan, Lindsay Lohan’s mother

13.  Lady Gaga, singer