Damien Hirst Teaches Kids Their ABC’s

New book illustrates the alphabet with his shock-value art

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Because the art world isn’t already lucrative enough for Damien Hirst, the artist has expanded into the children’s-book market. His new book, out this week, is ABC, which illustrates each letter of the alphabet with images of his own artwork, as in D is for Diamond (encrusted skull), J is for Jaws (of a formaldehyde shark), and so on.


Other Criteria (c) Damien Hirst & Science, 2013

Other Criteria (c) Damien Hirst & Science, 2013

The book is billed as “a large-format board book for art lovers of all ages.” No reports, yet, of children who’ve gone through its pages suffering from nightmares.

ABC Cover

Damien Hirst ABC (c) Other Criteria, 2013.